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About Us

Prime Recruitment Albania is a licensed recruitment agency (license number LN-4586) based in Tirana, Albania, specialized in the field of mediation in the labor market and Human Resources Management.

Through a staff of professionals with many years of experience, Prime Recruitment Albania helps any company or organization in order to fulfill the requirements for employees in different job categories.

For any business it is essential to find the right employees in order for the business to grow and succeed in the long run. In today’s competitive environment, where the recruitment of ideal candidates has become a challenge in itself, it is important to cooperate with Human Resources experts to fulfill the needs in this field.

We support companies in finding and hiring ideal candidates in line with their business needs. With the help of our human resources experts, we first understand the staffing needs of a company, define the marketing strategy in accordance with these needs and develop step by step the recruitment procedures for selecting the suitable candidate for the relevant job role, by practicing the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and honesty.

One of the essential assets of Prime Recruitment Albania is the extensive database of candidates who are actively or not looking for an employment opportunity. As a recruitment company it is very important for us to attract the best candidates, and it is equally important to communicate frequently and effectively with our talent pool. Creating a transparent and confidential communication process with the candidates makes it easier for us to interact with them, whether or not they are actively looking for a career movement.

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Mission & Vision

Facilitate the recruitment process by making it faster and less stressful for each of our partners and meet the needs of businesses with skilled, reliable and dedicated albanian or foreigner employees.

Support businesses through a professional and efficient recruitment in the field of human resources, becoming the most reliable and successful agency in the Albanian market in the field of mediation in the labor market.

Meet our team

Anxhelina Balliu

Anxhelina Balliu

Lead Recruiter

Erion Muka

Erion Muka

Director of Operations


Bulevardi Bajram Curri, përballë ish ekspozitës, Tirana, Albania

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